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This page will collect reports from travelers on conditions along Mexican Route 2, between Tecate and Mexicali. Send any current reports to me at Include information about road conditions, major construction zones, and any other situations travelers might be well advised about. The reports should be particular to Route 2 (general trip reports appear on the main Travelers' Reports Page).

Fred Metcalf

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Travelers' Reports
Route 2: Tecate-Mexicali

January 29, 2001

Contributed by Tim Walker . . .

I was just on Route 2 this past Thursday, and we flew through to La Rumersosa with ease. The toll is a bit high comparatively (30 pesos, about $3.25), but well worth it. Once you get to La Rumerosa, there is another toll, this one is 8 pesos, or about $0.90. That is for the route through the mountains, which is now two lanes in each direction, so no fear of on-coming traffic in the mountains!

October, 1999

Contributed by Tim Walker . . .

My wife and I just got back from a three-day trip to San Felipe. Great trip, great weather. Decided to do it a little different so we crossed the border at Tecate and took Highway 2 across to Mexicali, then Highway 5 south.

The toll road portion of Highway 2 is great! The toll for the first part (Tecate to La Rumerosa) was 35 pesos, or $3.80. The 2nd portion through La Rumerosa (Cantú Grade) was 8 pesos ($0.90). I hadn't been on this road in over 4 years, or since the new roads were completed. What a difference. The first toll road is one of the best roads in all of Baja, as good or better than the toll road from Tijuana to Ensenada. Well worth the trip if you are low on time.

Ancient Times

Contributed by Fred Metcalf . . .

Highway 2 from Tecate to Mexicali was my favorite drive in northern Baja California when I first moved to California in 1966. Leaving Tecate, driving across the high plateau, and then plummeting to the floor of the low desert, is an incredible ride.

The Cantú grade drops from the 4000 foot plateau to almost sea level just to the west of Mexicali. The old road was a feat of engineering, and named after the territorial governor Esteban Cantú who championed its development. I've not been on the new toll road, but I would expect that the amazing views to the east may still be enjoyed from some overlooks.

One of my sharpest memories of this drive goes back to the late 60s when my wife and I took our small children for a long weekend in San Felipe. On our return trip we traveled up the Cantú grade to find . . . snow! Driving on the highway at 4000 feet we followed two pairs of faint tracks leading across a field of white. Carefully sticking to the right-hand set of tracks we made our way past La Rumorosa and on to Tecate, where the snow had not fallen. A magical moment in a wonderful place!

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