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This page will collect reports from travelers on conditions along Mexican Route 3, between Tecate and Ensenada. Send any current reports to me at Include information about road conditions, major construction zones, and any other situations travelers might be well advised about. The reports should be particular to Route 3 (general trip reports appear on the main Travelers' Reports Page).

Fred Metcalf

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Travelers' Reports
Route 3: Tecate-Ensenada

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September, 1999

Contributed by Fred Metcalf . . .

I would characterize the road condition on Route 3 as fair. There were numerous sections of moderate potholes, and little indication of pending repairs - although there was a sign at the Ensenada end announcing grand things to come for the highway.

I'd not been on the road for well over ten years, and I was quickly reminded of how this road is a major truck route to Ensenada. The truck traffic is very heavy, and caution should be exercised in the winding sections through the mountains.

Another old-time memory was that the road is popular with bicyclers, and there were several on the road the day we were driving north. In one instance, a truck swerved across the center line to avoid a bicycler rather than slow down. This forced me over to the side of the road momentarily, and was a bit scary.

At one point near the Guadalupe Valley there was an accident. The highway police were present, but no effort was being made to rescue anyone from the overturned car. Apparently fatal to those inside.

I think the highlight of our trip along Route 3 was a winery stop. We spent a couple of hours at the L. A. Cetto winery in the Guadalupe Valley. They have a very nice tasting room and outdoor seating. Our tour of the facilities occurred during the harvesting season, and allowed us to taste both the fresh grapes and the juice being squeezed from them. The entrance road to L. A. Cetto is just across from the larger Domecq winery.

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