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Replacements for the Amigos Board

The "Amigos Board," and the accompaning website, has been discontinued by the Robitailles (Earle, Eric and Trish). This sad event has left an immense vacuum for a great many aficionados of Baja California.

While some other boards are willing to "pick up the slack," this board cannot be one of them. Our focus is constrained by some requirements imposed by the University of California (the provider of our server), and the more intense demands a general board places on the moderators (in particular, this moderator!).

In the interim, we've been willing to take a loose view of postings regarding the demise of the Amigos board. However, we'll be tightening up our monitoring of such postings beginning in September. There are several boards where a willingness has been expressed to pick up at least a segment of the Amigos population.

Here's a list of some of these boards - you'll have to check them out to see what's appropriate:

If you become aware of a board that's not listed here, but which might be appropriate, please email me at

ftm @

Fred Metcalf

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