La Jolla Camp Grounds, Punta Banda, Baja California

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Posted by Manuel Blanco on July 29, 2011 at 02:24:04:

La Jolla Beach Camp, Punta Banda, Ensenada, Baja California
A bit over a year ago my lovely daughter in law, Diana, son, John Omar and his in-laws, Sandy & Greg and most of all Ray & Alicia Dominguez, invited us down to for few days La Jolla Beach Camp, Punta Banda, Ensenada in Baja, California. My daughter in law was worried I later found out thinking that we wouldn't like the place and we stayed at quite the swanky hotel for a few days. Hotel was great but I will begin to tell you how La Jolla Beach Camp, the Dominguez Family and the owners of the camp the Pabloff Family so deeply touched our lives. We have been to many places around the globe including Hawaii & Tahiti which were also beautiful. The Dominguez family gave us the warmest welcome one can ever ask for. The kids John & Diana) hadn't been married very long and we were all still in the "get to know you" phase. They were AWESOME if I need to find one word. They started showing us around the La Jolla Beach Camp and introduce as to their friends and the places they enjoyed going when they were there. My favorite is the Marketa Negro (Black Market) which is a fish market in Ensenada. It remains one of our favorite today along with many others. My son John Omar and our daughter (in law yes but she is our daughter through and through) purchased a place in La Jolla and have kindly allowed us to use it when we go to La Jolla Beach Camp. Ray Dominguez, (They King of La Jolla) in our appreciative hearts also introduced us to the owners, the Pabloff Family. They too could not have been kinder. We are very grateful. They not only help those in their camp ground but have helped so many people in the area. We recently had a few questions and Mike & his lovely wife Rosario took time out of their very busy schedules to give us advice and direction. The entire Pabloff family are like that and have hearts of gold. In short we would like to thank our Daughter in law, Diana, Son, John, In-laws Greg, Sandy & their wonderful, loving children, Mike & Rosario Pabloff (Entire Pabloff Family) the residence of La Jolla Beach Camp & Staff at La Jolla Beach Camp, for introducing us to the most wonderful place in the world, La Jolla Beach Camp, Punta Banda, Ensenada, Baja, California. Ah, you thought I left two important people out of our thanks. Fooled ya.. I just saved the best for last. To Mr Ray Dominguez & his wonderful wife Alicia. I cry tears of joy when I think of you and your entire family. You have allowed our family into your lives and the families have become one. With hearts open you let us in and you will always be special to us. Thank you for being the wonderful people you are.. and for sharing and caring. To say "Thank You" to all these awesome people doesn't begin to our appreciation justice.

One special guy who has stolen all our hearts is our Grandson, Manolito Dimiti Blanco.. (so you are made aware, "Manolito" is the same as Manuel or Manny. What an honor John Omar and Diana have given us in this beautiful grandson. He is 1 year and 5 months old and can work his grandparents as if he was playing a guitar. He is the apple of all our eyes. Watching him grow up will be the highlight of years to come. How we love him so with all our hearts.

John and Diana have been very kind in allowing us to use their place in La Jolla but we do not want to ever take advantage of their kindness or hospitality. We have decided to start looking for a place of our own in La Jolla Beach Camp. If the time is right, the price is right, if we can swing it and the right place comes along we can possibly love in that direction.. If anyone knows of a place for sale down there (La Jolla Campgrounds Only) please contact us at Send pics if you can and if not we can go see it next time we are there. G-d Bless and thanks... Sincerely & Respectfully, Manny & Ruth Blanco. Wishing we were in La Jolla Beach Camp right now.

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