Pets in Baja
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This page has been prepared by "Wild Bill" Wiederhold in response to the frequent appearance of pet questions on the Message Board. Special thanks to Wild Bill for the contribution.

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To view comments from the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento, California, click here ( Scroll down the page to find "REQUIREMENTS TO IMPORT SMALL DOMESTIC ANIMALS."

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Pets in Baja

"Wild Bill" Wiederhold, Correspondent

We've taken our dogs to Baja for many years without any legal problems. The main thing to have is a current proof of rabies vaccination, and the only time we've been asked to show it was when returning to the U.S.. A health certificate from a vet will do the same thing, but the primary worry is rabies. For that matter, I have friends who have found dogs in Baja that they've fallen in love with and have taken them to a vet down there for their shots. No problems were encountered at the border with the paperwork provided from the vet.

Some things to remember are:

Other things to remember:

This isn't necessarily everything . . . your needs may vary. If you have any more questions please feel free to write.

"Wild Bill" Wiederhold
Oceanside, CA
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