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Voyage North
The Sailing Vessel Sueño del Mar

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Leaving La Paz
(17K JPEG Photo)
Ready to leave La Paz.
Crew members Jorge Cosio Sr. and Jr.
Los Frailes
(14K JPEG Photo)
Anchored at Los Frailes.
(Last photo taken with that camera before it fell into the surf.)
(13K JPEG Photo)
Anchored at Cabo San Lucas.
Crew change - the Jorges returned to DF
and Marilyn Metcalf arrived (with a new camera!).
Bahia Santa Maria
(18K JPEG Photo)
Anchored at Bahía Santa Maria - after 46 hours
pounding upwind from Cabo.

I've stayed there four times - a wild and wonderful place!
Bahia Hipolito
(15K JPEG Photo)
Anchored at Bahía Hipólito.
Great 6-8 foot swells entering against a stong offshore wind.
Turtle Bay
(17K JPEG Photo)
Approaching Turtle Bay.
Turtle Bay
(16K JPEG Photo)
Anchored in Turtle Bay.
Turtle Bay
(19K JPEG Photo)
Trash pickup in Turtle Bay.
Turtle Bay
(21K JPEG Photo)
Entertaining the trash pickup crew in Turtle Bay.
Dewey Channel
(12K JPEG Photo)
Crossing the Dewey Channel to Cedros Island.
This was the third try - winds to 40 knots!
Post Dewey Channel
(15K JPEG Photo)
After crossing to Cedros Island - Marilyn enjoying a bit of vino.
North Cedros
(18K JPEG Photo)
Anchored at the "North Cedros Yacht Club."
Waiting for the wind to drop.
North Cedros
(22K JPEG Photo)
Social hour at the "North Cedros Yacht Club."
Still waiting for the wind to drop!
North Cedros
(19K JPEG Photo)
Leaving Cedros Island - Wind's down to 15-20 - Let's go!
Buddy-boating with Hunter Star.
(18K JPEG Photo)
A comfortable crossing (for some!).
San Carlos
(22K JPEG Photo)
A breakfast stop at San Carlos.
The winds picked up again, and a two-hour stop
stretched to 22 hours.
San Diego
(15K JPEG Photo)
With Hunter Star on the quarantine bouys.
Nineteen days Cabo to San Diego.

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