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Voyage South
The Sailing Vessel Sueño del Mar

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In the yard
(21K JPEG Photo)
Boatyard preparations - Oceanside, CA
Storing goods
(19K JPEG Photo)
Where am I going to stow it all?
Heading south
(17K JPEG Photo)
Heading south from Dana Point, CA.
Settling in
(16K JPEG Photo)
Settling in to the routine.
Crew member Happy Miles at ease.
Cedros Village
(15K JPEG Photo)
Tying up for a big night on the town.
Cedros Village - Cedros Island.
Leaving Cedros
(18K JPEG Photo)
Leaving Cedros after our big night on the town.
Cedros Village - Cedros Island.
(15K JPEG Photo)
Looks like fresh fish for dinner!
A dorado about to come aboard.
(19K JPEG Photo)
Dinner - Happy's a great cook!
(12K JPEG Photo)
Whale jumping off Mag Bay.
(14K JPEG Photo)
Arriving at Land's End.
(16K JPEG Photo)
Departing Cabo San Lucas for the Sea of Cortez.
Marilyn Metcalf new crew.
La Paz
(19K JPEG Photo)
Moored in La Paz - home for four months.

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