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Baja California Information Pages
Photos of Baja California

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Photo Groups ("Thumbnail" Pages):

  Transpeninsular Highway 
  Scenes along Highway 1
  Flowers along Highway 1 - Summer of '98
  Guerrero Negro          
  Scenes from Guerrero Negro and whale watching
  Punta Conejo            
  Beach scenes from the Pacific coast, west of La Paz
  La Paz                  
  Scenes around the city and waterfront
  Los Cabos               
  Cabo San Lucas scenes over a number of years
  Sea of Cortez           
  Scenes from around the southern Sea of Cortez
  Voyage South            
  Voyage of the sailing vessel Sueño del Mar
  Race Week '87           
  Race Week '87 - La Paz
  Voyage North            
  Voyage of the sailing vessel Sueño del Mar
  Photos from Space       
  NASA photos from space

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