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As of the summer of 1999 I'm no longer driving an RV (a large camper) down the Baja highway. This means I'm not stopping in RV parks as I did for five years. It will have to be up to readers to keep this page updated.

Email me comments on parks you've stayed in. Indicate conditions, prices, and any other relevant information. Please provide me with your name so I can reference you.

Thanks! Fred Metcalf (ftm@math.ucr.edu)

Baja California Information Pages

RV Parks and Campgrounds

The "Woodall's Campground Directory" has a section on Baja California. This book covers rated RV parks and some restaurants. In addition, the AAA book on Baja California has listings for a number of RV parks and restaurants - however, they are not rated as in Woodall's.

The information listed below is far from complete, and does not cover at all the area from Tijuana to Ensenada. I have collected this information with the Baja traveler in mind, not the weekend camper who might be looking for a spot near or north of Ensenada.

Prices. As a general rule, expect to get what you pay for in Baja California RV Parks. If you're paying $3US a night, that says a lot about the services available. If you're paying $16US a night, you should be getting basic hookup services, plus bathrooms and showers. If you're paying $30US a night, then you're either in Los Cabos or the Tijuana-Ensenada strip - both being areas where prices can get excessive.

Water pressure. Throughout Baja California, water pressure will be very low, especially during the daytime hours. Any execptions to this will be the result of a local boosting to the pressure. Two examples of this that I'm aware of are the El Pabellon Park in San Quintín and the Aquamarina Park in La Paz. At the El Pabellon water is stored in a large tank above ground, and the height of the water in the tank generally provides adequate pressure. At the Aquamarina water is accumulated in an underground tank and a pressure system delivers it around the park area.

Electricity. The quality of electrical power varies throughout Baja California. Major power centers are located in Rosarito Beach in the north and La Paz in the south. I'm not familiar with the northern power grid, but in La Paz the power is generally consistent, although at a higher than normal voltage. Power from La Paz is fed to much of the southern state.

The La Paz power runs closer to 120-125 volts than 110 volts. The number of cycles will be slightly higher than 60cps, resulting in electrical clocks gaining about one minute a day. I've not heard of problems with appliances run on this power, although light bulbs probably burn out faster.

In Guerrero Negro, the power situation seems more erratic. There is a locally run generator, and there have been some reports of appliances being damaged by this local power.

Most RV parks with electrical connections will offer simple 15 amp service. In some of the better parks you'll find 30 amp service, and in a few cases 50 amp/220 volt service.

Wind. For those travelers pulling trailers, you must exercise some caution in the event of high winds. The most dangerous area for this problem starts about 20 miles south of Cataviña and may extend for 30 miles further south. When the "Santa Ana" winds of Southern California are blowing, they get funneled down the Gulf of California and, at a point to the east of this region, get partially shunted to the west where they pass over Highway 1. There have been numerous instances of large trucks and RV trailers being blown over along here.

If you are experiencing strong winds from the east along this section, give serious consideration to pulling off the road and heading into the wind.

February '97: Thanks to Andreas Tscherner (080512452-1@t-online.de) for some updates and additions.

October '07: Thanks to the folks at bajaandback.com for some updates.


Not far north of Ensenada there is a large RV park on the ocean, Baja Seasons. I stayed there just once (it was very much on the expensive side) and found the facilities to be quite good. They have a website at:

There are a number of RV parks to the south of Ensenada. I've stayed at both the Villarino and the La Jolla Beach Camp ($4.50 for overnight parking in 1996) on the road out to Punta Banda and "La Bufadora" (a sea spout). There are many places out on Punta Banda, some with facilities, and some just providing parking with spectacular views.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Campo Baja RV Park: down town, near the army marine harbor. Price varies with size of equipment. Full hook-ups: $16 minimum.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): La Jolla Beach camp. Water, electric, cold shower. $10

Santo Tomás

El Palomar RV Park. Located in the town of Santo Tomás, the center of a large grape growing area. I have no information on this park, but it might be a good stop for those wishing to pass up the crowds in Ensenada. It is on the east side of the highway.

Colonia Guerrero

Don Pepe RV Park. Located just off the highway to the west, this park has pull-though spaces with hook-ups, a camping area, shower house and a restaurant/bar. In January '97 the cost was $8.50US for RVs, and $7US for campers.

Posada Don Diego. Located about 1/2 mile further west than the Don Pepe park. In February, 2005 I was informed there were 100 spaces available and a restaurant. The rate cited was $12.34US for two people. The park has hot showers, patios, pull throughs, dump station, gift store, and some picnic tables.

San Quintín

Old Mill RV Park. This is located on the inner bay at San Quintín and has been for many years a major motel for sportsmen. I was told (1994) that the place has now been extensively renovated. Follow the signs from Route 1 to the west.

The Cielito Lindo Motel also runs a campground/RV park. The original (and now unsupported) campground is on the beach - and a newer RV area is near the motel. In August '94 the cost to stay in the beach area was $5US/night. Follow the signs to the La Pinta Hotel, but continue straight on the side road off of Highway 1. Inquire about registration at the motel office. There are no facilities in the beach area - but the beach is great!

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Cielito Lindo Motel $8.00 per night for the location next to the motel with full hook-ups. Great deal and the restaurant was good. The phones were not working at this location. Nice launch ramp at the Old Mill Hotel.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Three miles off the main road, including a dirt road at the end. $5 with full hook-ups and hot showers. Electricity stops from 10 PM to 7 AM, but the place is quite near to the standards of American camping.

El Pabellon RV Park. Quite a ways south of the city (just south of the small town of Santa Maria). At Km 16 a sign points to the west where this park is located on the beach. There are hot showers and toilets in two separate bath houses. The price in December '98 continued to be $5US/night for parking along the beach without water or sewer hookups. The price is higher for a space with water and sewer connections. This is my favorite place to stay in the area.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Price still $5. Exceptionally nice and clean. Reasonable distance from highway.

El Rosario

Sinai Campground / RV Park. A small park located on the north side of the highway as it passes through El Rosario. Reported in June '98: electricity, water, dump - $12US per night.


The RV park just north of the La Pinta Hotel offers overnight parking without facilities. The price is $4US per night.

Often RVs park directly in back of the La Pinta Hotel for the night (no services, except what you can get in the hotel).

Overnight parking is also available at Rancho Santa Ines, a couple of miles south - $2US per night(?). They also serve meals at the Rancho.

Guerrero Negro

Malarimmo RV Park and Restaurant. On the right as you enter the town. At the time of whale watching (January - March), reservations might be necessary. The price in September '98 was $10US per night.

Phones: 1-157-0250 (Voice) and 1-157-0100 (FAX)
(Precede with 011-52- from the U.S.)

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Malarimmo RV Park - $18.00 per night full hook-ups. Great food at the restaurant.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): $12 in February, $10 in March. $3 no services.

Just north of the "Eagle" Monument is a restaurant, La Espinita, which not only serves excellent food, but has a large parking lot available for overnight parking (no charge). They have toilet facilities available in back of the restaurant. The only drawback to spending the night here is that it can be slightly noisy due to trucks from the north using engine braking to slow down for the circle around the monument.

San Ignacio

Rice and Beans RV Park. Located about 1/2 mile off the highway on the road which angles off just north of the Pemex station. The location is well signed. I don't know the cost, but the owner, Ricardo Romo Cota, speaks very good English and is constructing more facilities. Currently there is a restaurant and bar, with some motel rooms soon to open (May '00). They have an associated RV Park with the same name in San Felipe.
Phone: 1-115-4-0283
(Precede with 011-52- from the U.S.)

El Padrino RV Park. Located across from the La Pinta Hotel, about one mile off the main highway on the road into the town center. In January '97 the cost was $9US ($7US without hookups).

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): El Padrino RV Park $10 per night.

Martin Quezada RV Park. On the left just before the La Pinta Hotel. $2US per night.

Santa Rosalia

Las Palmas RV Park. About one mile south of town in a nice grassy setting. In August '94 the cost was $10US/night for full RV facilities.

Phones: 1-152-0109 (Voice) and 1-152-2270 (FAX)
(Precede with 011-52- from the U.S.)

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Las Palmas RV Park - $18.00 per night full hook-ups. Launch ramp is in the marina, but not much parking for your trailer.

San Lucas Cove. Six miles south of Santa Rosalia, and on the beach. Hot showers. $6US per night.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Santa Rosalia -San Lucas Cove: few dollars but sometimes nobody collects!


Serenidad Hotel. There is an RV park associated with the Serenidad Hotel. The Serenidad is located on the south side of the river near the mouth. The gravel road leading to the hotel is on the east side of Highway 1 about one mile south and east of the large highway bridge over the river. The restaurant at the hotel is excellent.

In September '98 the cost was $10US per night - full hookups. The RV setting is very plain and without shading, however the restaurant makes it a very worthwhile stop. The hotel now has a website: http://www.serenidad.com

Orchard RV Park. A very pleasant park on the Mulege River. In September '97, I paid US$14.75 for one night - full hookups.

Phone: 1-153-0300 (Voice)
(Precede with 011-52- from the U.S.)
NOTE (October 2007): It has been reported that the Orchard Park is no longer accepting overnighters.

The following comment applies to both of the above parks in Mulegé. There is a movement to serving only permanent residents in the parks in Mulegé. The number of transient spaces is shrinking, and facilities for transients are not being kept up as well as used to be the case.

Bahia Concepción

There are many RV parks/beaches along this stretch of highway. A couple of note are:

Playa Santispac. Minimal facilities. $5US per night.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Playa Santispac: $6. Dump station. Very nice place.

El Requeson. No facilities, but one of the most beautiful settings along the highway. $2US per night.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): El Requeson: $4
El Coyote: no facilities, few dollars but sometimes nobody collects!


Loreto Shores RV Park. This is the only RV park I've stayed at in Loreto. In October, '97 the cost was $10US per night (one person, electricity). At that time the transient area was Somewhat dusty, but the park is located along the beach (the beach sites are all permanent structures).

It has been reported in 2006 that single night rates might be $16US, with reduced rates for longer stays.

Villas de Loreto RV Park. This park is sited with a small and very pleasant resort (no restaurant). The grounds are clean and the facilities appear complete. The resort maintains a web page at www.villasdeloreto.com
November 2004: I've been informed that this park is no longer open for RVs. (Hotel only, I assume.)

Riveria del Mar RV Camping. I've not stayed at this newer park, but the address is provided as

Francisco I. Madero # 100 North. (Four blocks north of the town center, and two blocks from the waterfront.)
It has been reported that the park may be reached by both phone and email:
011-52-613-135-0718 (from the U.S.)   and    lanyvall@yahoo.com.mx
The owners are said to live onsite, and keep the park spotless.

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Riveria del Mar RV Park - $17.00 per night full hook-ups. This location is about two blocks west of the La Pinta Hotel. Launch ramp is okay, but watch for holes, and there is no fee to launch.
El Moro RV Park - $14.00 for full hook-ups. Very small and hard to stay if pulling a boat as I was.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): El Moro: downtown, full hook-ups, clean but small camping lots. $12

Puerto Escondido (south of Loreto)

Tripui RV Resort. This RV resort was largely burned to the ground in mid-2004. To what extent the park will reopen remains to be seen. I'll leave the old description up:

A very established and well-known park near Loreto. It is located just off Highway 1 on the road into Puerto Escondido (19 miles south of Loreto). There are many permanent sites, however a section is kept open for transient use with full hookups available. There is a nice pool on the grounds. This area tends to be especially hot during the summer due to the lack of wind (the park backs up to a mountain).

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Tripui RV Resort - $18.00 per night full hook-ups. The restaurant is open and the pool was great. The gas station is still not open. Great launch ramp: $4.00 and a security guard is at the location.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Juncalito at km 97, on the beach, nice spot near the highway, no service but you get it free!


Campestre La Pila RV Park. Many have said that this park has the most fantastic pools they have seen in an RV park. I have not visited the park myself. Allen Powell (allen_powell@mindlink.bc.ca) reports two excellent, huge swimming pools, and the following comments on the RV park:

This complex seems to be supported by the agricultural co-op. The parking for camping is on a flat earthen field with approximately 12 hookups for basic electricity and water, and they have an RV dump station at this location. Basic cost per night was $7US in '93. This is no place to camp if it is raining, as the field turns to gumbo.

La Paz

City View RV Park. A new park in January '96 - I have no reports on this park. It is located about 1/2 mile to the northwest of the Oasis RV Park (below).

Oasis RV Park. Located in "El Centenario" at the south end of the body of water on which La Paz fronts ("Ensenada Los Aripes"). This park is about 8 miles outside La Paz proper.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Oasis RV Park: $12

NOTE: For the following parks in La Paz, be sure to bear to the left at the Dove/Whale monument as you enter La Paz from the north (the turn is now marked La Paz Centro).

Casa Blanca RV Park. Surrounded by a distinctive white wall on the right-hand side of the road as you drive into La Paz. Full hookups, laundry. $15US per night.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Casa Blanca RV Park. Nice place if you don't mind being quite near your neighbour!

El Cardon RV Park. Closed permanently in early 2004.

La Paz Trailer Park. About one block from the water south of town - this makes it about 6 blocks towards the water from Highway 1. I don't know the cross street or if they have a sign posted on the highway. The park will probably be closed during the summer months.
Note. When I drove past in November of 2006, the park appeared to be closed.

Aquamarina RV Park. Note: Closed permanently as of the summer of 2007.

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Casa Blanca RV Park - $18.00 per night full hook-ups. Hard to find if traveling south - take the road to downtown Centro at the whales tail. It's several long blocks on the right side.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): La Ventana : 46 Km south of La Paz on road 286, on the beach, mostly for surfers. Not nice for swimming, cold showers, flush toilets, clean, fence all around. $3

Todos Santos

San Pedrito RV Park.

Note: It was reported in March of 2006 that this park was closing - it had been sold for development.

About four miles south on the beach. Full hookups, hot showers, laundry and restaurant. $15US (tax included) per night in September '98.
Phone: 1-122-4520 (Voice) and 1-123-4643 (FAX)
(Precede with 011-52- from the U.S.)
(Note: The park is not well-maintained. I found it rather disappointing during my September stay, especially at $15. However, the road from Highway 19 had been graded after tropical storms Frank and Isis passed by.)

Playa los Cerritos. 7.5 miles south on the beach. Cold showers and flush toilets. $4US per night with water and sewer hookups. $2US per night with no hookups.

Los Barriles

Playa Norte RV Park. A new beachfront park.

Phone: US (425) 252-5952
Baja (624) 142-8001 (Precede with 011-52- from the US)
Email: info at playanortervpark.com or harneckerw at gmail.com
Website: www.playanortervpark.com

Martin Verdungo's Hotel and RV Park. Full hookups, hot showers, pool and bar at the beach front. $11US per night.

Phone: 1-141-0054 (Voice and FAX)
(Precede with 011-52- from the US)

Juanito's Garden RV Park. Full hookups, hot showers, laundry. $10US per night.

Phone: 1-141-0024 (Voice and FAX)
(Precede with 011-52- from the US)

(Ray Madrid - Spring 2005): Martin Verdugo's - $15.00 per night, full hook-ups. Must use Verdugo's tracker to launch your boat. $20.00 in and $20.00 out. No gas available at the dock. Must use gerry cans or pull boat out and take to gas station.

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): New campground (forgot the name!) south end of the city, on the beach, near to a Bar-restaurant. $10 with water and electric, but you need a very long extension and are limited to a 5 amp circuit. We paid $7 with no services. Good if you have no other choice!

San José del Cabo

Brisa del Mar RV Park. As of 2007 this park is permanently closed. As is the case with much property in southern Baja California, there will be a conversion to condo usage.

Cabo San Lucas

Paloma RV Village. I was notified of the opening in January, 2000. There are 20 sites (20'x40' slabs) on five acres of grounds. Some sites with 30 amp electrical service, and some with palapas suitable for big rigs. I have no price information.

They are seeking permanent residents, but that is a slow process and there should be plenty of short to medium sites available for the near future. The only directions I have are:

  "Turn at the Corona Beer Depository and come up the hill to the top."

Visitors should send me information on their stay.

Phone: 1-143-2068

(Roger Laurin - early 2001): Cabo San Lucas - Camping St-Vincent. For year round residents with big campers, but can accommodate one or two RVs for a few nights. Very nice and exceptionally clean. Pool. Full hookup: $12

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