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Contributions to this page would be welcome. Please try to follow the general guidelines below and communicate your story to me at I will endeavor to act as the editor. It is not necessary to submit your contribution in HTML format - I will take care of the formatting for WWW display. Please send your contribution in "plain text" format (and not, e.g., in MS Word ".doc" format).

  • The tales presented here should relate to Baja California.
  • Each story should be formed about, at least, a germ of truth, and offer us an insight into some aspect of Baja California.
  • In those situations where a more modern perspective offers better information about the facts of an event, the known details should be included.
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Tales of Baja California

Contributed Tales

Title Author Date Size
The Funeral Tim Walker December 2002 21K
Baja by Catamaran Greg Joder December 2001 28K
A Three Hour Tour Dave Dennis April 2001 11K
¿ Uno Motocicleta, Tres Mujeres y Uno Hombre? Fred T. Metcalf December 1998 10K
Baja Whopper Murdoch Hughes June 1998 8K
Blind Date To Baja Ron Bloomquist November 1997 72K
The Wreck of the Salvatierra Richard Adcock
(As told to Fred Metcalf)
October 1997 15K
A Whale of a Tale Fabian Rousset April 1997 8K
The Story of Don Juancho and His Nine Wives Richard Adcock
and Fred Metcalf
September 1996 12K
The Legend of Mechudo Richard Adcock
and Fred Metcalf
August 1996 12K

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