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Baja California Information Pages
Hotels In La Paz

Here is a list of hotels in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. There are more hotels than on this list - these advertise in the La Paz Yellow Pages and some of the tourist publications.

All addresses should be used in the form:

   <Hotel Name>
   <Street address or P.O. box, if given>
   La Paz, B.C.S.  23000

Calling from the U.S. is accomplished by preceding the La Paz number with:

  011 - 52 - 612
  ^     ^    ^
  ^     ^    La Paz area code (new in late 2001)
  ^     Mexico code
  Int'l. calling code (from the U.S.)

Tourist Hotels

Someone will probably speak English at the desk and reservations can be made through travel agents.

  Hotel Los Arcos (150 rooms) and Cabanas de Los Arcos (50 rooms)
    Apartado Postal 112
    Phone:   122-2744 (Voice)  125-4313 (FAX)
             (800) 347-2252 (Toll-free reservations in the U.S.)

  Hotel La Perla
    Alvaro Obregon #1570
    Phones:  122-0777, 122-0821, 122-0482
	     125-5363 (FAX)
	     01-800-716-8799 (Toll-free in Mexico)

  Crowne Plaza Resort
    Marina Fidepaz
    Phone: 124-0830 (Voice)  124-0837 (FAX)
           01-800-009-9900 (Toll-free in Mexico)

  Hotel Mediterrane
    Allende 36
    Phone:   125-1195 (Voice and FAX)

  Araiza Inn - Palmira (120 rooms)
    Phone: 121-6200 (Voice)  121-6227 (FAX)
           01-800-716-8777 (Toll-free reservations in Mexico)
	   (800) 929-2402 (Toll-free reservations in the U.S.)

  Hacienda del Cortez (formerly "La Posada de Engelbert")
      Note (December 2004): The hotel has changed ownership and
      just reopened following some remodeling. I can't guarantee
      that the following phone numbers are correct.
    Located on the beach at the south edge of town
    Nueva Reforma y Playa Sur
    Phones:  122-4011 (Voice)  122-0663 (Voice and FAX)

  Club El Moro
    Km. 2 Carretera a Pichilingue
    Hotel Suites
    Phone: 122-4084 (Voice)  125-2828 (FAX)

  Hotel Marina
    Km. 2.5 Carretera a Pichilingue
    70 rooms, 16 studio suites
    Phone: 121-6254 (Voice)

  Hotel El Ángel Azul
    Independencia #518 esq/ Guillermo Prieto
    Phone: 125-5130 
           U.S.: 011-52-1-125-5130

  Gran Baja (250 rooms)    ***** Closed as of November, 1994 *****


  Howard Johnson's (formerly the La Concha Beach Resort)
  Carretera á Pichilingue, Km 5
    Phones:  121-6344, 121-6161 (Voice)  121-1218 (FAX)
	     01-800-716-8603 (toll-free within Mexico)

  Las Arenas Resort
    (February 2, 2003 - The hotel is said to be closed.)
    Located at Bahia de la Ventana on the Sea of Cortez,
      about a 45 minute drive from La Paz
    Ground transportation from the La Paz airport available
    Phone (US): 1-888-644-7376

Inns and B&Bs

  La Casa Mexicana Inn (formerly Casa La Paceña Inn)
    Location:  Bravo 106 (Between Madero and Mutualismo)
    Phone:  125-2748 (voice and FAX)
    Mail:  La Casa Mexicana Inn
           Apartado Postal 158
           La Paz, B.C.S. Mexico 23000

    "A large, beautifully-restored Spanish-Deco home, centrally
    located in the heart of La Paz. Rooms and patios provide
    great views and spectacular sunsets across the bay."

    Rates range from $65US/night to $85US/night, including
    breakfast, a deluxe accomodation, and all taxes. Six rooms
    are available.

    Children over seven are welcome, but no pets.

  Casa Tuscany Inn
    Location: 110 Calle Bravo (between Mutualismo and Madero)
    Phone: 128-8103  (From the U.S.: 011-52-612-128-8103)

    "Welcome to our hideaway nestled behind the walls of a
    'Tuscan' Villa situated only one block from the Bay of La Paz!

    "Each guestroom has a queen size bed, a private bathroom and
    offers a view over our lush patio garden.  Up a short flight
    of stairs you'll find a large guest terraza offering a bay

    Rates: $50 - $75US

  Posada Santa Fe
    Phone:  125-5871
    Mail:   Paseo Alvaro Obregon 440
            La Paz, B.C.S. Mexico 23000

    "Posada Santa Fe is a romantic Bed & Breakfast Inn, with
    old world elegance and service."

    Rates (year around - breakfast included):
      Standard $75US, Suite $95US

  Palmas Suites Bed & Breakfast
    Location: Mutualismo # 314
      (Just north of Bravo and one block in from the Malecon)
    Phone: 122-4623
    Internet: www.laspalmasb&

    "One and two bedroom apartments - fully furnished. Day, week
    or month. A nice and cozy area."

  Casabuena Bed & Breakfast (8 rooms with bath)
    Phone: 122-5538  From US: 011-612-122-5538
    Rates include tax and breakfast:
      1/2BR .. $55/$110 night
      3/4BR .. $158/$200 night
      5/6BR .. $238/$270 night
      7/8BR .. $298/$320 night
      Based on double occupancy (add third person to room for $11)
      10% deposit required upon making reservation.

Apartments - Rentals

  La Paz, Arriba!
    House and apartment rentals
    Phone (US): 1-800-978-2795
    US Mail: La Paz, Arriba!
             c/o Kirby Wilkerson
	     977 Irwin Lane
	     Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Non-tourist Hotels

It is probable that only Spanish will be spoken at the desk and that travel agents (in the U.S.) will be unable to make reservations.

  Aquario's Mar de Cortez (North of downtown and about 1 mile inland)
    Ignacio Ramirez #1665
    Esquina Degollado
    Phone:   122-9266

  La Purisima (110 rooms)
    16 de Septiembre y A. Serdan
    Phone:   122-3444

  Gardenias (56 rooms) (North of downtown - 2 blocks from the water)
    Aquiles Serdan 520
    Phone:   122-3088

  Plaza Real (One block inland from the Malecón - downtown)
    Esquerro y Cjon
    Phones:  122-9333
	     122-4424 (FAX)

  Plaza Boulevard
    5 de Febrero y Madero
    Phones:  125-5333
	     122-4424 (FAX)

  San Bernardino (30 rooms) (At 5th of February - one block from the water)
    Abasolo 436
    Esquina 5 de Febrero
    Phones:  122-9210, 122-9220
    Degollado 209
    Phone:   122-2896

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