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Gravitational Waves

Here are two nontechnical descriptions of the binary pulsar work for which Hulse and Taylor won the Nobel Prize:

``The Binary Pulsar: Gravity Waves Exist,'' C. M. Will, Mercury, Nov-Dec 1987, p. 162.

``Gravitational Waves from an Orbiting Pulsar,'' J. M. Weisberg, J. H. Taylor, and L. A. Fowler, Scientific American, Oct 1981, p. 74.

Here is a review article on the ongoing efforts to directly detect gravitational waves:

``Detection of Gravitational Waves,'' J. Lu, D. G. Blair, and C. Zhao, Reports on Progress in Physics, 63, 1317-1427 (2000).

Some present and future experiments to detect gravitational radiation are described here:

LIGO Laboratory Home Page,

The Virgo Project,

Laser Interferometer Space Antenna,

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