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There are lots of good popular books on cosmology. Since the subject is changing rapidly, pick one that is up to date. At the time of this writing, we recommend:

The Extravagant Universe: Exploding Stars, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Cosmos, R. P. Kirshner (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2002).

A good online source of cosmological information is:

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial, http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~wright/cosmolog.htm

The following cosmology textbooks are arranged in increasing order of technical difficulty:

Cosmology: The Science of the Universe, 2nd ed., E. Harrison (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000).

Cosmology: a First Course, M. Lachièze-Rey (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995).

Principles of Physical Cosmology, P. J. E. Peebles (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1993).

The Early Universe, E. W. Kolb and M. S. Turner (Addison-Wesley, New York, 1990).

The Large-Scale Structure of Spacetime, S. W. Hawking and G. F. R. Ellis (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1975).

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