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                                  NOTED: HUH?  God's here, but what's in it for us?  This stuff makes sense!
                                       (found in White House files after the election)

The treaty 
The Chinese did not sign, nor were they asked
We             claim first right 
and draw the line 

A priest         armed with a new curriculum
                                                              grounds and palaces
                                       the Song capital 

a vision of empire                  from the capital 
an ordered world                 managed from above
                                           a new mission for the new century.

          Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith                            only we
guide all professors of true faith abroad.  

                        all new missions swear obedience to us
                all routes east go through us, with oaths to honor same.

                                                    I KNOW NO LANGUAGE BUT MY OWN!

He excommunicated the bishop 

                                   NO FOREIGN WAYS 

                                 the last word 

© 2004 Lisa Raphals