Quantum Gravity Seminar - Fall 2001

John Baez

In this session of the Quantum Gravity Seminar, I gave an introduction to loop quantum gravity. This was a continuation of some themes developed in the Fall 2000 and Winter 2001 notes.

In a sense, this session of the Quantum Gravity Seminar was an expanded version of my lectures at the conference in honor of Dennis Sullivan's 60th birthday:

So, you might try looking at the notes of those lectures, too!

These notes were taken by Alissa Crans, who has kindly scanned them in and created PDF files from them:

Someday I should create lower-resolution files that are quicker to download. I should also write something explaining what each week's notes cover! Of course, if anyone else wants to do this, I'll be eternally grateful, and my thanks will appear here.

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