Josh Buli

Department of Mathematics

University of California, Riverside

Email: jbuli001-at-ucr-dot-edu
Office: Surge 263
Office Hours: Pierce 2429
Day and Time: R - 1-2 pm

About Me

I am currently a fifth year PhD student at the University of California, Riverside. In May 2013, I graduated from the University at Buffalo, SUNY with a BS in Mathematical Physics, and a BA in Mathematics. In March 2015, I was awarded my MS in Applied Mathematics from UCR. I plan to earn my PhD in Fall 2018.

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Research Interests

My main mathematical interests include numerical methods for partial differential equations and stochastic differential equations, and their applications to problems in fluid dynamics and traffic modeling. My undergraduate senior thesis was in the field of numerical relativity, specifically approximating gravitational waveforms from black holes, under the guidance of Professor Jae-Hun Jung. I am currently studying numerical methods for hyperbolic conservations laws, and stochastic differential equations, under the guidance of Professor Yulong Xing. I am also a Graduate Student Reseacher in Economics, under the guidance of Professor Richard Arnott, studying traffic congestion.



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Conferences and Workshops

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At UCR, I have been a teaching assistant for precalculus (MATH 004, 008A, 008B), single variable calculus (MATH 009B, 009C), multivariable calculus (MATH 10B), ordinary differential equations (MATH 046), and partial differential equations (MATH 146A, 146B, and 146C). I have also been the primary instructor for single variable calculus (MATH 009C) and the precalculus practicum (MATH 002). The materials for the above courses can be found below. At the University at Buffalo, SUNY, I was a teaching assistant for MTH 121 - Survey of Calculus and Its Applications for two semesters, and MTH 306 - Introduction to Differential Equations for one semster.

Winter 2018

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