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A Tribute to Leonhard Euler

Reasons Why Euler is The Greatest Mathematician Ever

  1. Euler's erasure residue could cure cancer. Unfortunately, he never erased anything.
  2. Euler knew how to divide by zero.
  3. Euler could count to infinity - aleph_0 times
  4. Euler knew every digit of Pi
  5. Euler didn't have hair, only more brain.
  6. Euler knew category theory in its entirety, but discarded it as useless.
  7. Speaking of category theory, if question and answers where categories, Euler would have been a functor.
  8. Euler had a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, but took it with him to the grave so we could work it out ourselves.
  9. Euler liked to eat elements. The empty set used to contain elements, but one day Euler got hungry.
  10. Euler could simultaniously prove and disprove the same statement.
  11. If you can see Euler, he can see you. If you can't see Euler, he can prove you don't exist.
  12. There are no stupid people, only those who compare themselves to Euler.




2007 Christopher Walker