Elementary Differential Equations  MATH 146C, Spring 2006 

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Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, by W.E. Boyce and R. C. DiPrima, 8th Edition


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Prerequisites: MATH010A AND MATH010B AND MATH046 AND MATH146A AND MATH146B 

MATH 146C Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations 4 Lecture, 3 hours; discussion, 1 hour. Prerequisite(s): MATH 010A, MATH 010B, MATH 046, MATH 146A, MATH 146B. Explores boundary value problems for partial differential equations, orthogonal expansions, and separation of variables.

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Daily Information



Homework ( * problems due Wednesday following class)

M 4/3

10.1 Eigenvalue Problems


10.2 Fourier series - definition 

10.2/8*, 16*, 18


10.3 Fourier series - convergence

10.3/2*, 8*

M 4/10

10.4 Fourier series and BVPs

10.3/16* 10.4/18*, 36*


10.5-6 Heat Eqn for a Rod - ends with constant zero temperature; Eigenfunction Expansion/Separation of Variables



10.5- 6 Heat Eqn for a Rod - ends with constant temperature, insulated ends 


M 4/17

10.5-10.6 Heat Eqn - convergence issues

10.6/15*, 23*

10.5-10.6 Heat Eqn - uniqueness, backward equation, external source



10.7 Wave equation - d'Alembert's formula

10.7/2*, 6*

M 4/24

10.7 Wave equation - Fourier series solutions

10.7 Wave eq. - Conservation of Energy,Well Posedness, Dispersive Waves



10.7 Dispersive Eqs - Dispersion relation, series solutions

10.7/24  2. Find the dispersion relation for the KdV and Boussinesq equations

M 5/1

10.8 The Laplace Equation


10.8 The Laplace Equation



10.8 The Laplace Equation

M 5/8


Midterm Exam 


Solution of Midterm


M 5/15

11.1 & 11.2 Sturm-Liouville BVP

11.2/2*, 6*, 20*

11.2  Sturm-Liouville BVP

11.2/12*, 16*


11.3 Non-homogeneous Sturm-Liouville  Pbs

M 5/22

11.3 Nonhomogeneous heat conduction problems

11.3/18*, 20*

5 Regular singular points -  Euler eqns, Series Solutions 

5.4/6*  5.5/4* 5.6/4*


5.7 & 5.8 Series Solutions near Regular singular points (Bessels's equation)

5.6/13*, Derive Y_o (see 5.8)

M 5/29

Memorial Day

5.8 & 11.5 Bessel's equation and Bessel series expansion

5.6/16*(hint,see 5.8)  5.8/14*


11.4 Singular Sturm-Liouville Problems

M 6/5



11.6 Mean Convergence

11.6/4, 10

F 6/9 Review
Practice Problems for Final Exam:  

5.5/ 8    5.6/ 4, 6   5.8/2   10.1/4   10.3/4, 6    10.4/15, 16   10.5/8      10.6/12,15,23     10.7/8,9,23     10.8/2,11,14      11.2/4, 16     11.3/2,6,10,19     11.4/4      11.5/7  11.6/5,9

ID required to take the exam




 ID required to take the exam

Final Exam

 06/15/2006 7 to 10 p.m.  

 ID required to take the exam




Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4:10pm-5pm WAT 2240. The Department expects students to attend, and to participate in, all lectures and discussion sections of the Math 9ABC class in which they are enrolled. Classes cannot be missed except for certified reasons (such as a medical emergency with a doctor certificate). 

Homework and Quizzes

Every class, I will assign a group of problems for you to work on to master the material presented in class.

* Every homework will have a few * problems that you will have to turn in.

* The homework assigned on Friday, Monday and Wednesday is due on the first Wednesday after it was assigned.

* All collected homework will be returned in your discussion section the week following the one it was collected.

* The homework sheets have to be stapled with the problems written in order they were assigned.

* Your name and discussion section time should be written in the top right corner of the stapled homework (do not fold it!).

* Please follow this requirement at all times as otherwise the homework will not be collected or graded.

There will be 10 to 15 minute long quizzes. The quizzes will be given every week in the discussion sections. The problems will be from or very close to the homework. You are expected to reasonably explain (in writing) the steps of the solutions.

Unsubstantiated answers will not be given credit.

All quizzes and homework points are bonus points. 

Your TA and Reader will decide the part and the amount of problems from your homework or quizzes that will be graded each week.

You should always write your own solutions of all the homework problems. It is your responsibility to follow this advice. This will be very helpful when you review later in the quarter. Many times people tend to believe they can do certain problems until they have to write down the actual solutions. 


There will be one Midterm exam and a Final Exam. The homework will inform you about the tests, but you should not expect that most test questions will come without modification from the homework or any mock test

Getting Help

I strongly recommend that you come and see me whenever you have difficulties. Please do not postpone your questions for a later time.




Final exam




+ Bonus  ( more than one letter grade if you work for it! ) HW and Quizzes max of


You will have at least A, B, C, D or F if you have correspondingly  > 90%,  80-89%, 65-79 %, 50-64 %  or <  50% out of 600 points.   This scale allows for a curve.  However, the following department policy will be followed.

Mathematics Department Policy: grant grades of C- or higher only to students who demonstrate adequate preparation for the next course in the sequence or program. For example, a student who is not competent to solve very elementary word problems does not meet this standard.


Make ups

No make-up quizzes or exams are allowed, except for a certified reason (such as a Doctor certificate).

Academic Honesty

Students are encouraged to review UC Riverside's policies on academic integrity, available on the web at http://www.conduct.ucr.edu/ In particular, students are expected to submit their own work for exams and homework assignments