Articles & Essays             by  John de Pillis

  • Mathematics Recalculated
    .................Sunday, 8 February 1998, Riverside Press Enterprise
  • Would you teach your students how to fly without consulting a pilot? Yet this is what we are seeing in the teaching of mathemtics in our schools --- mathematicians' opinions about what should be taught has been of little concern to too many educators.

  • Codes to the Kingdom: Encryption Rights and a Chat with Dave Farber
    .................Sunday, 19 October 1997, Riverside Press Enterprise
  • Evolving computer technology has us facing a fundamental Constitutional question: Should government have the right to eavesdrop on our private data and conversations?

  • Guastella & Dolcina of Allora: A Fable for Our Time
    .................Sunday, 27 October 1996, Riverside Press Enterprise
  • In their support of struggling young Americans, the Nike company and film producer Freida Lee Mock act in very different ways. Comapare their respective values and actions in this, a fable for our time.

  • A Condensed Field Guide to Cuckoo Birds of the Mind:
    .......Reason Abuse in Public Debate
    .................Sunday, 2 June 1996, Riverside Press Enterprise
  • As we listen in good faith to politicians, journalists, and info-tainers of our popular culture, why do we so often feel unsatisfied? Why do we have an after-taste of emptiness? Here are some techniques for creating the illusion of oratorical substance.

  • Of Nose Rings and Nissans: A Strange California Auction:
    .................Sunday, 7 May 1995, Riverside Press Enterprise
  • The American has a love affair with the automobile. Mix this with the pall-mall pace and irrationality of an open air auction, and you produce a uniquely California event.

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