Mathematics Department Mini-GSA

The Math Mini-GSA (MathGSA) represents and serves the interests of the mathematics graduate students at UCR. In particular, we aim to build a sense of community among the math grad students, and we strive to help students navigate the various aspects of being a graduate student at UCR and a teaching assistant for the Mathematics Department. If you’re trying to navigate some administrative or bureaucratic or logistical aspect of the PhD program, it’s easiest to reach out to Margarita first at . Or if you’d rather, any of the MathGSA officers are be willing to help too.

Christian Williams, President
James Alcala, Vice President
Jonathan Dugan, Treasurer
Mike Pierce, Secretary

Here’s a curated list of useful links and forms. If any of the links here are broken, please inform the MathGSA Secretary.

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Monthly Proceedings

Next Meeting 4 October 2019

Agenda Updates from the main GSA. Did Mike do something with the UCR Math Wiki and Grad Math Wiki? Halloween Party Somewhere?

7 June 2019 (attendance)


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22 February 2019 (attendance)


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22 October 2018 (attendance)