ike's Calligraphy

Self Portrait - I did this while a freshman in college staring into my powered-off monitor.

Fractal Cross - Norah, the druid janitor in high school, introduced me to celtic knots when she saw what I was doing with fractals. This is the first celtic knot I ever made, but revisited 10 years later.

Fractal Christmas Knot - The path through each knot is self-similar to the path through the whole block, with only the central crossing in each block altered. The implicit message is recurrent in my fractal art: our mortal lives are finite types of infinite things to come. By taking upon us the name of Christ, by becoming saviors as we keep priesthood covenants, we will receive Christ's infinite reward despite our finite ability.

Fractal Labyrinth - for our friend Lisa on her birthday.

Dragon's Roses - I thought the dragon curve looked a lot like wild rose briars as well as the lattice they grow into.

RWS with dragon - for Dad.

Celtic cross - I did this in my journal while on my mission. It's a single strand.

Mom's name - This has mom's name encoded in the knots. A braid like the one around the edge of this can be made by stringing together fundamental units with three crossing points. Since each point can either cross, be vertical, or horizontal, there are 27 combinations. This naturally leaves 26 letters and a space. Starting on the left side and moving clockwise, the encoding proceeds R.E.B.EC.C.A.S..T.A..Y.

Walter and Charlie (unfinished) - In memoriam. Charlie's dead, but Walter is living it up in Salt Lake with a bunch of other tortoises.

Enya (unfinished)

May God grant you Peace - I wish I had kept one of the copies I painted with watercolors. I think my parents have some of those. Maybe they can scan them & send them to me (hint hint!).

M - Another freshman piece, this one turned out particularly well (comparatively!). I used it as stationary to write letters to my friends whose names began with M.

MJ - Originally a wedding present for my Mike & Jennifer, it also served as the cover for my wife's first CD. (Miriam J)

R - This was going to be my Mom's name, but I never got around to it.

ring.jpg - A bracelet I engraved with the ring poem (the bottom half of which requires a tengwar font) from The Lord of the Rings.

turtle.jpg - An anniversary present for my wife.

Book of Mormon Illumination Project - sketches now, more later.