Javascript goodies

Lambda calculus
Keraia Keraia, a binary encoding of lambda calculus I invented. Includes a Keraia to Javascript "compiler."
LC2JS Lambda calculus to Javascript source-to-source filter. Same concept will work on any language with first-class functions and eager evaluation, like Perl.

Greasemonkey scripts
ncategorycafe.user.js Tweaks the interface on the n-Category Café. Makes comment blocks collapsible when replying so you don't have to see the entire thread when replying. Also chooses the "markdown with itex to mathml" filter automatically.
gmail.user.js More of a library than a script, this set of functions lets you log in and out of a gmail account, compose & update drafts, and assign labels. It doesn't do threading or attachments because all I want it do do is be a secure online, searchable, key-value pairing mechanism.
growl.user.js Fills in your user id and birthdate into GROWL, then focuses on the password box.
schedule.user.js Takes you directly to the login screen, fills in your username and focuses on the password box. In the class schedule, automatically selects math classes and focuses on the class number box.