Save the environment: use continuation passing style!
Old MacDonald had a form: ei /\ ei = 0
Probabelistic: characterising one who supports the formation of a sovereign Iraqi state.
Babelian: when you mix up your words, but everyone still understands what you mean.
What do you call someone that's hooked on maths? A p-adic! (The most common street name for methamphetamines in New Zealand is "P".)
What shape of pasta takes the least time to eat? Brachistochroni!
You might be a mathematician if you think fog is a composition.
The Yoda embedding, contravariant it is.
How are Goethe's Faust novels like isomorphisms of sets? Dey're de monic epics.
Curry-Howard isomorphism:

I'm kind of in two minds about this whole Schroedinger's cat thing...
qwhine, n. self-recrimination
deferential cryptanalysis, n. Schneier said it's broken.
recursive: (λ damn. damn (damn)) (λ damn. damn (damn))
Coeschatology: the study of the beginning of times. The coend is ming!
(Not a math pun, but still one I'm proud of) What kind of dog do you use to herd cantaloupe? A melon-collie!