Joseph Moeller
UC Riverside
Surge 283
Ph.D. student, TA, GSR
Advisor: John Baez

Teaching and Evaluations
Research Gate
I study applied category theory. I'm interested in applications of categorical network theory to ecology and other sciences.

  • (Jan 22, 2018) A Categorical Semantics for Causal Structure a post on the n-Category Café about a paper with the same name. This is part of the ACT Adjoint School Seminar.

  • (Oct 31, 2017) Network Models (with John C. Baez, John Foley, and Blake Pollard)
       This project is part of a collaboration with Metron Scientific Solutions Inc. on DARPA's CASCADE program, building a theory of operads which are useful in modeling networks. Read Baez's thoughts about it here.

  • (Spring 2017) I was a graduate student mentor for an undergrad research project.

  • (Fall 2014) An undergrad research project: Metatopology Presentation. A definition is given for a topology generated by a partial order. This is then used to give a topology to the topology of a topological space. This construction is functorial!