At University of California Riverside:
2001 Fall: Math 46, Ordinary Differential Equations, 110 students.
     At University of Memphis:
1998 Summer: Linear Algebra
1998 Fall: Math2322 Calculus III; Math3391 Differential Equations.
1999 Spring: Math1312 Brief Calculus; Math 7024 Differential Geometry.
1999 Summer: reading course in spectrum theory
1999 Fall: Math1312 Brief Calculus; Math 7025 Differential Geometry II
2000 Spring: Math3391 Diff. Equations; Math4361(6361) complex Variables
2000 Fall: Advanced Calculus, Partial Differential Equations.
2001 Spring: Business Calculus, Partial Differential Equations II.
     At University of Missouri:
1996 Fall: Elementary Math. 2 classes.
1997 Spring: Finite Mathematics, 2 classes.
1997 Fall: Business Calculus, 2 classes.
1998 Spring: Finite Mathematics, 2 classes.