n-Categories: Foundations and Applications

John Baez

June 7-18, 2004

From June 7th to 18th, 2004, Peter May and I ran a summer program at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis, entitled n-Categories: Foundations and Applications.

Here are some pictures taken by Aaron Lauda. First, here are two nice shots of Larry Breen, in the center, explaining something to Michael Batanin and Alexei Davydov on his left, and Sasha Voronov on his right:



Here is Ross Street talking to Simona Paoli, on his left, and Eugenia Cheng, to his right:


Here is Peter May pounding a point home in his usual forceful manner:


Here is one of John Baez, with Larry Breen and Simona Paoli to the right and Marco Mackaay in the extreme foreground. Alexei Davydov is just barely visible, lurking in the background on the left.


Here is a shot of everyone listening to a talk, with Joachim Kock in the center:


Here is one of Steve Lack and Alissa Crans having dinner the first night:


Here's Ronnie Brown, looking pensive, and Timothy Porter, looking amused:


Finally, here's one of David Corfield:


Here are some pictures taken by folks at the IMA:

Group photo. The first row is Simona Paoli, Sanjeevi Krishnan, Peter May, James Dolan (slightly behind), John Baez, Doug Arnold (slightly behind), Tom Leinster (further behind) and Bill Messing. I would love to list all the people, but it's difficult to do in any useful way.

The reception. Alas, I don't know the women in front. The fellow on the right sticking his fork into the food is Sasha Voronov, and the trio between the women and him are, from left to right, James Dolan (facing away), Andre Joyal and Clemens Berger.

The reception. From left to right we see Alexei Davydov, Mark Weber, Michael Batanin, and Simona Paoli.

The reception. From left to right we see Nils Baas (facing away), David Corfield, Richard Steiner, Ross Street and Carl Futia.

The reception. A different view of the trio consisting of Clemens Berger (facing away), James Dolan and Andre Joyal (facing away), with Manuel Bullejos in a purple shirt watching on from the right. In the background on the far right we see William Boshuck in a blue shirt and Michael Makkai in a green one. John Baez is also visible, between Andre Joyal and Manuel Bullejos.

The reception. Yet another view of the famous trio, but with Michael Batanin (facing away) talking to me on the right, and Aaron Lauda (in black) disconsolately watching on from even further to the right.

An impromptu talk. James Dolan lecturing about "properties, structure and stuff" with - from left to right - David Corfield, John Baez, Manuel Bullejos and Joachim Kock watching on.

An impromptu talk. Now John Baez stands up and starts talking to the same group.

A discussion. Peter May on the left is explaining something to Steve Lack, while Tim Porter watches on.

A discussion. Closeup of the same scene: now Steve Lack is gesticulating in the manner favored by Renaissance painters, while Peter May listens on the left.

You can also see some pictures taken by Julie Bergner - they feature the town and the river, not the mathematicians.

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