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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Ronnie Brown and Tim Porter have written a short paper whose title - Analogy, concepts and methodology, in mathematics - put me in mind of my PhD thesis title - Research programmes, logic, and analogy : three aspects of mathematics and its development. 'Research programme' was a term used by Lakatos in his account of the methodology of science. I adapted this methodology for mathematics.

A new blog about higher-dimensional algebra (aka, higher-dimensional category theory) - Bosker Blog: Categorical Maundering - has been born. It's run by Robin Houston, a PhD student in Manchester.

The construction of a categorified Kleinian geometry is not proceeding quite as fast as I'd imagined, but it will continue. Blogs aren't really designed for protacted discussions over weeks and months, but it shouldn't be too hard to link up a series of posts.


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