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Diary - January 2007

John Baez

At the end of December there was a big ice storm in the midwest of the USA. My student Toby Bartels felt the brunt of it: he lives in Nebraska now.

In January it was cold through much of the country, but not here in Riverside. Except for a brief and devastating cold snap starting on the 15th, it was really warm and dry. The pictures above tell the story.

From January 6th to 15th I was in Toronto, where I helped run a workshop on n-categories. It was great seeing a lot of my friends! You can see photos from this workshop, and read a description of it.

On the 13th, Bruce Bartlett did an interview of Urs Schreiber and me, focusing on the history of our blog with David Corfield - the n-Category Café.

I made it back just before a big snow storm hit Toronto.

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