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Categorical Semantics of Entropy, CUNY Grad Center, May 11, 2022

Lisbon Webinar on Mathematics, Physics and Machine Learning, June 16, 2022

Shannon Entropy from Category Theory

Shannon entropy is a powerful concept. But what properties single out Shannon entropy as special? Instead of focusing on the entropy of a probability measure on a finite set, it can help to focus on the "information loss", or change in entropy, associated with a measure-preserving function. Shannon entropy then gives the only concept of information loss that is functorial, convex-linear and continuous. This is joint work with Tom Leinster and Tobias Fritz.

You can see the slides or watch a video:

On this video, after my talk you can see Tae-Danae Bradley's talk Entropy and operads. For a video of another version of my talk go here.

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