Felix Klein's Erlangen Program

Here's an electronic version of a classic paper:
This is an English translation of the famous speech on geometry and symmetry that Felix Klein prepared — but never actually gave! — upon his appointment to a professorship at Erlangen in 1872.

For the original German version, try these:

More recently a translated version has been placed on the arXiv:

You can read more about the Erlangen program in Klein's own words here:

Luckily Dover keeps its books in print!

For more on the Erlangen program, try these:

For more about Klein, try:

I thank Thomas Love for pointing out the existence of Haskell's English translation of Klein's famous speech. I thank Chris Hillman for scanning it in and creating jpg files of each page. These are available below.

I thank Robin Houston for preparing a PDF file of the whole paper using Adam Langley's JBIG2 encoder. If you have an old PDF viewer that doesn't understand JBIG2 files, this PDF file won't work for you.

I thank Lukas-Fabian Moser for preparing a DjVu file of the whole paper.

And, I thank Nitin C. Rughoonauth for carrying out the wonderful step of LaTeXing the paper! There may be some typos — I've seen one so far. If you spot typos, please send me email and I'll fix them. The LaTeX source code is available here. Ronald Brown has created a version with some typos removed, available here in LaTeX and PDF format, but I have not yet had time to review this. It seems to compile correctly using PDFLaTeX but not LaTeX.

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