John Baez

January 29 - March 2, 2006

I spent February 2006 near Marseille, attending a workshop on the Geometry of Computation at CIRM - the Centre Internationale de Recontres Mathématiques. This workshop was run by Thomas Ehrhard and Laurent Regnier of the Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy in Marseille. On the first week I gave nine lectures on universal algebra and diagrammatic reasoning, and on the last week I gave a public talk called Fundamental Physics: Where We Stand Today. I got to know some great people including Peter Selinger and Phil Scott, and learned a lot about logic.

So, I was pretty busy, but I still had plenty of time to look around. Above you see the medieval hill town of Les Baux, looking like something out of Escher. Here are a few more pictures:

You can also see some pictures taken by Peter Selinger.

© 2006 John Baez except for 2 pictures taken by Marco Grandis