John Baez

I've been very slow in mastering the technology needed to record the music I play. Sheer laziness, together with some kind of anxiety, I guess. But anyway, here's an MP3 of a little test piece:


I made this using my Yamaha CLP-170 Clavinova (a digital piano) together with the crappy sound recorder that came with my Windows PC and some studio freeware called Audacity. On January 7th, 2006 I took a few tiny snippets of a piece I'd played months ago and built a four-track ambient piece out of them, with lots of repetition and echo. The next day I massively edited that piece, from 37 minutes down to just 6. The waveform of the shortened piece is shown above.

On January 17th I modified the long piece by eliminating some passages where too much was going on at once, and improving the ending, which is very different from the rest. You can get this new version here:

Liminal - Long Version

This version lasts 35 minutes, and the MP3 file is 33.5 megabytes.

The esthetic of this piece is blatantly borrowed from Brian Eno - parts remind me of his Thursday Afternoon - but I've tried to keep a bit more of the feel of an actual person playing the piano, at least in parts.
January 17, 2006

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