John Baez

Perimeter Institute

April 17, 2013

Energy and the Environment - What Physicists Can Do

The global warming crisis is part of a bigger transformation in which humanity realizes that the Earth is a finite system and that our population, energy usage, and the like cannot continue to grow exponentially. While politics and economics pose the biggest challenges, physicists are in a good position to help make this transition a bit easier. After a quick review of the problems, we discuss a few ways physicists can help.

You can watch a video of this talk or see the slides. To see the source of any piece of information in these slides, just click on it!

If you're interested in energy, the environment, and science, visit the Azimuth Blog. Also check out the Azimuth Project, which is a collaboration to create a focal point for scientists and engineers interested in saving the planet. We've got some interesting projects going.

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