Puzzle 16

John Baez

Q: When public high school teacher John Maurer wore a beige hat to school, the principal said it was unacceptable. When he wore a blue hat, he was reprimanded again. And when he wore a red hat, he was forced to stop teaching there. Why?

A: Because the hat was not white, black, green, or yellow.

This occurred in February 2002 at Banning High School, in Riverside County, California, near where I live. When Jim Broncatello became the principal, he imposed a rule saying that hats worn on campus could only be white, black, green or yellow - the official school colors. Maurer didn't follow this rule, and Broncatello eventually forced him to teach elswhere. Now John Maurer has filed a lawsuit.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Campus Dispute Comes to a Head", page B1, Thursday October 10, 2002.

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