Puzzle 37

John Baez

Q: Due to a plumbing mistake, which liquid came pouring out the faucets in dozens of homes in Marino, Italy?

A: White wine. Every year the town of Marino in the Alban Hills south of Rome celebrates Sagra dell'Uva — a grape festival to commemorate the return of Admiral Marcantonio Colonna after his victory over the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto in October 1571. As part of the fun, they get sparkling white wine to flow from the marble fountain in the town square. But in 2008, the pipes from the local vineyard were accidentally hooked up to the town's domestic water supply. When the mayor, parish priest and locals gathered around the fountain, they were disappointed as ordinary water poured out.

But then a shout came from a house overlooking the square: "Miracolo!" A woman rushed out onto her balcony and said that wine was flowing from her kitchen tap.


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