Quantum Gravity

These are lectures notes by Miguel Carrión Alvarez taken from a seminar on Quantum Gravity given by John Baez at UCR in the 2000-2001 and 2002-2003 academic years. The seminar is divided into four parts, one per quarter, corresponding to up to 10 weeks each.


Here you can download the notes in various formats:


Ask not what quantum gravity can do for you: ask what you can do for quantum gravity! To contribute to the effort of completing these notes, download the source TeX files and mail me corrections and/or patches.

To compile the original or modified sources you need LaTeX, and Xy-pic, which is a standard package in any (La)TeX distribution.
Download the gzipped tar archive QGravity.tgz into a working directory. Then run either of the following commands:

tar -xzvf QGravity.tgz
gunzip -c QGravity.tgz | tar tvf - 
All the TeX files will unpack into the working directory. To compile the notes, edit the master file QGravity.tex as necessary and run
latex QGravity.tex
to produce a DVI file. To view this file, use
xdvi QGravity.dvi &
dvips QGravity.dvi
gv QGravity.ps &
If gv is not available on your machine, use ghostview. You can produce a PDF file in any of two ways:
dvipdf QGravity.dvi
pdflatex QGravity.tex 
and view it with
acroread QGravity.pdf &

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