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Information on how I conduct my courses. 


It will be assigned nearly every lecture. There will be a due date but it will not be collected. Be sure to do it and if you can not, then get help from me or the TA. This is essential to truly understanding the course. If you can not do the homework you will not be able to do the exams. It is a way for you to get the practice which is essential and to gain the confidence to face the exams.


The final grade is based on
Midterm (35% ) and the final exam (65%).


There will be no make-up exams. There will be no potty breaks during exams. Calculators are allowed and are in fact necessary.

Final exam:

No make-ups. No potty breaks during the exam. Calculators are allowed and necessary.


I am available during office hours: MWF 12:10-1:00. If you can not make these hours just let me know after class and I will be very happy to schedule another time to meet. This is not an imposition, I am happy to do it. You are also welcome to come by the office, Surge 230 (you may call first, X25003, to see if I am in) at any time and I will be glad to help you.

Your Teaching Assistant will also have office hours: M.T. 11-1.

Feel free to ask questions at any time during lecture. If I am facing the board, say "question." I will turn around to answer it. Do not be afraid to interrupt. I will not have time then to work homework problems, however. Please come to my office hours for that.


Attendence at lectures is required. Concepts covered there but not in the text may well appear on exams.

Any time you have a suggestion about the course please feel free to discuss it with me. I am here to help you get the most out of this course.