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The Tempests of Summer - Bahía de Los Angeles 1985, Part 28: Photos    ( Posted September 2, 2004 )

The following photos have been supplied by Mike Humfreville as a supplement to his serial presentation of "The Tempests of Summer." If you click on an image, a larger version should either:

La Gringa La Gringa

Las Cuevitas is a mile or so up the beach to the left. We'd go to La Gringa frequently because it had a nicer beach, pebbles or sand as you preferred. We liked the pebbles because sting rays don't collect there.
Hut and Steps Hut and Steps

From a number of miles up an old road to a long abandoned mine we gathered huge flagstone boulders to use as steps to the shore.
Hut Kitchen Hut Kitchen

We kept the dry goods in an old otherwise empty ice chest to keep the kangaroo rats away. Whenever the winds blew, the pots and pans, suspended from the ceiling, rang like oversized wind chimes.
Hut and Mike, Kevin Mikie and Kevin doing School Work.

Before our trip we had bundled a full box of books for each of us with desired reading, art supplies and school books.
Hut and Family Hut and Family

We'd often collect in the early morning and watch the sun climb over the flat sea and craggy islands. We had a small weather station that frequently showed 90 degrees (F) and 90 % relative humidity before 8 in the morning.
Kevin with fish Kevin with Fish

The boys were constantly throwing a line from my conventional reel to see who could cast the farthest. In the '70's, I could catch 3 to 5 lbs. Cabrilla from the shore; in the '80's they weighed less than half that. This is a Trigger Fish Kevin caught.
Burlap Burlap

Burlap the burro added pleasure to the trip for the four of us. He was stubborn and loving, especially of dog Lassie.
Billy and Burlap Billy and Burlap

By the end of summer, Burlap, Billy and the chickens we had kept for their eggs were all integrated with each other and aware when one or another of them was not immediately in camp.
Gertrude and chick Gertrude and Chick

Gertrude sat on her nest long after the chick pecked its way out of the shell. Whenever a hen was setting we didn't disturb her, but we still had only one hatchling the entire summer.

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