John Huerta

Teaching Evaluations

Email: jhuerta at math dot tecnico dot ulisboa dot pt

I have a long history of teaching evaluations, having been a teaching assistant for most of time as a PhD student from 2005-2011, and a primary lecturer at UC Riverside in 2007 and again at Australian National University in 2012. In the following graph, you can see the trend in my average evaluations for each year I have taught:

I would like to point out that after my first year, my average evaluation score has almost always been 4.5/5. The average over all terms is 4.2, and neglecting that rocky first year this rises to 4.4, narrowly peaked with a standard deviation of 0.3. Hiding inside the year 2006-2007 is a nearly perfect score of 4.9/5 for the first course I ever lectured.

All of my teaching evaluations are below:

As Lecturer

As Teaching Assistant

University of California, Riverside, 2005 - 2011

I have assembled my TA evaluations into a single file. The courses I taught were:

Math 4 - Precalculus
Math 5 - Precalculus
Math 8B - Introductory Calculus
Math 9ABC - Introductory Calculus
Math 10AB - Vector Calculus
Math 11/CS 11 - Discrete Math
Math 22 - Business Calculus
Math 46 - Differential Equations
Math 131 - Linear Algebra
Math 132 - Linear Algebra
Math 144 - Set Theory
Math 151C - Advanced Calculus
Math 165AB - Complex Analysis
Math 171 - Abstract Algebra