Algebraic Geometry I
Math 243A - Winter 2017

Instructor: Carl Mautner
Meeting time: MWF 12-1 in room Surge 284.
Office hours: MF 11-12 (or by appointment) in room 255 Surge


Course Description:

  • Affine Algebraic Sets
  • Projective Algebraic Sets
  • Sheaves and Algebraic Varieties
  • Dimension
  • Tangent Spaces and Singularities
  • Bezout's Theorem
  • More if time allows!
  • Text: Algebraic Geometry: An Introduction by Daniel Perrin. (N.B. The book can be accessed from any computer on the UC network. You can find the link here.)

    Grades: The grade will be based on homework assignments.

    Homework: Homework will generally be assigned over the course of the week and due the following Wednesday. A list of the homework problems will be kept on the webpage.

    Collaboration policy: You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with other students. However, you should think about the problems yourself before discussing them with others and the final write-up of any solution should be your own. Copying other students' solutions is not allowed. For each question on the problem set, I ask that you write a list of everyone with whom you collaborated on that problem. If you did not collaborate with anyone, please explicitly write, "No collaborators."

    Homework assignments:
    1) (Due Jan. 18) - Chapter 1, problems 1, 2, 4, 5. You can also start thinking about the other problems in Chapter 1.
    2) (Due Jan. 25) - Chapter 1, problems 6, 7.
    3) (`Due' Feb. 3) - you don't need to be hand anything in, but I encourage you to think about problems 2,3 and 4 from Chapter 2 and problem A1 from Chapter 3.
    4) (Due Feb. 13) - Chapter 3, exercises A.2, A.4 and A.8.

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