Etale Cohomology Seminar
UT Austin - Fall 2007

The seminar will be held at 5 pm on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, in room 9.166.

Prof. David Helm has graciously agreed to be an advisor for the seminar.
Click here to find Milne's notes on the subject, which we are following. (or look at his many other notes)

Schedule of Talks

August 27th Carl Mautner Organizational meeting and Introduction
August 29th Parker Lowrey Lecture 2 from Milne - Etale Morphisms
September 3rd no seminar Labor Day Vacation
September 5th Carl Mautner Lecture 3 - The Etale Fundamental Group
September 10th Zhenhua Qu Lecture 4 - The Local Ring for the Etale Topology
September 12th Brian Katz Lecture 5 - Sites
September 17th Dave Jensen Lecture 6 - Sheaves for the Etale Cohomology
September 19th Martin Mereb Lecture 7 - The Category of Sheaves on X_{et}
September 24th Eric Katz Lecture 8 - Direct and Inverse Images of Sheaves
September 26th Zhenhua Qu Lecture 9 - Cohomology: Def. and Basic Properties
October 1st Dave Jensen Lecture 10 - Cech Cohomology
October 3rd Parker Lowrey Lectures 11 & 12 - Principal Homogeneous Spaces and H^1
October 8th Carl Mautner Lecture 13 - The Cohomology of \GG_m Via the Leray SS and the Weil-Divisor Exact Seq.
October 10th Eric Katz Lecture 14a - The Cohomology of Curves (up to the top of page 87)
October 15th Martin Mereb Lecture 14b - Cohomology of Curves (cont'd)
October 17th David Helm Cohomology of Curves (cont'd)
  Brian Katz Lecture 15 - Cohomological Dimension
October 22nd Carl Mautner Lecture 16 - Purity and the Gysin Sequence
October 24th Zhenhua Qu Lecture 17 & 18 - Proper Base Change and Cohomology with Compact Supports
October 29th Parker Lowrey Lecture 19 & 20 - Finiteness Theorems, Sheaves of \ZZ_\ell-modules, and smooth base change
October 31th Eric Katz Lecture 21 & 22 - Comparison and Kunneth Theorems
November 5th Dave Jensen Lecture 23 - The Cycle Map and Chern Classes
November 7th Brian Katz Lecture 24 & 25 - Poincare Duality and the Lefschetz Fixed-Point Formula
November 12th Martin Mereb Lecture 26 & 27 - Proof of the Weil Conjectures, except for the Riemann Hypothesis
November 14th Carl Mautner Lecture 28 & 29a - Preliminary Reductions and Lefschetz FPF for Nonconstant Sheaves
November 19th No seminar day off
November 21st No seminar day off
November 26th Zhenhua Qu Lecture 29b - FPF for Nonconstant Sheaves (cont'd)
November 28th Dave Jensen Lecture 30 - The Main Lemma
December 3rd Eric Katz Lecture 31 & 32 - Lefschetz Pencils
December 5th David Helm Lecture 33 & 34 - Completion of the Proof

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