Mike Pierce

UCR Algebra Qual Prep Seminar

Welcome to my webpage for organizing the prep seminar for the UC Riverside Qualifying Exam in Algebra. I hope you find the resources that are posted here to be helpful. The seminar will meet Thursdays 2–5pm (or until whenever) in Surge 284. I’ll eventually write some practice exams for the seminar, and I’ll post those here along with any other documents I create.

Modules and Linear Algebra Notes           Overleaf: Galois Theory (readonly)

Mock Exam 1           Mock Exam 2           Mock Exam 3           Mock Exam 4           Mock Exam 5

My real utility to you in studying for this exam is to have someone to direct your questions to, whether those are questions about algebra or about the exam itself. My email address is . If there’s an exercise you’d like to know how to do, of if you’d like someone to read over your solution to an exercise, or if you’d like guidance as to what you should study next, or if you need a shoulder to cry on because you’re freaking out, email me.


As you hopefully already know, the algebra qualifying exam is just another exam, so naturally it will consist of some finite list of algebra questions for you to respond to. And your responses will be the basis by which your worth as an algebraist will be judged. So in studying for this exam, your time is best spent doing exercises and solving problems. Here are some good ones.

Other Resources

Here are some other important studying resources.