John Baez

Algebraic Topological Methods in Computer Science 2008, University of Paris Diderot (Paris 7)

July 7, 2008

Computation and the Periodic Table

By now there is an extensive network of interlocking analogies between physics, topology, logic and computer science, which can be seen most easily by comparing the roles that symmetric monoidal closed categories play in each subject. However, symmetric monoidal categories are just the n = 1, k = 3 entry of a hypothesized "periodic table" of k-tuply monoidal n-categories. This raises the question of how these analogies extend. We present some thoughts on this question, focusing on how symmetric monoidal closed 2-categories might let us understand the lambda calculus more deeply. This is based on work in progress with Mike Stay.

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For more details try the following papers: Also try my seminar notes from Fall 2006 and Winter 2007.

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