So You Want to Ask a Question...

John Baez

My webpage prompts lots of questions about math and physics. If you have a question, instead of emailing me about it, I hope you post it to a usenet newsgroup, like:

or, for more advanced questions, these:

There are various reasons:

A usenet newsgroup is not a mailing list, and you don't subscribe to it. A good internet service provider will make it easy to read and post articles to usenet newsgroups. But you can also do it using the web. Perhaps the easiest way is to use this. There are probably lots of other companies that provide this service for free, too.

For general information on usenet, try this.

If you mainly want to read newsgroup articles, this database is the quickest way.

If you want to look smart, there are a couple of things you can do before posting your question to a newsgroup:

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