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Infrequently Asked Questions

Just as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions Page) deals with questions commonly asked by netters unfamiliar with a topic, an IAQ deals with obscure questions which could only be asked by someone already familiar with the general topic. In this case, the questions here have been asked once, but probably not more than that, and, in my opinion, touch on subjects which might be of some interest to Baja California aficionados.

If you've never been to Baja California, these matters will probably mean little to you.

Since the "answers" tend to be rather long stories, they appear on separate pages, with links provided here.

Fred Metcalf

  What's the story behind the Gran Baja Hotel? 
  What's the origin of the term Coromuel wind? 
  What's that stack sticking out of the water?
    (South La Paz channel)

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