Mike Pierce

Math153 – History of Mathematics

My role as your TA is to provide you with personalized support to help you learn the course content. I will be exactly as motivated to ensure you pass this course as I see that you are motivated to learn the material. So if you have questions or comments or concerns, please email me at . My office hours will be held Thursdays 4–6pm on Picnic Hill, which is a brief walk south of Webber Hall, just southeast of Campbell Hall, but north of the Quarantine Building. It’s located in grid-square G8 of this campus map, or you can find it on Google Maps.

Discussion Syllabus

Everything you need for this course can be found on the course page on Professor Schultz’s website. In this discussion there will be three quizzes, on April 25, May 16, and May 30, that will in total account for 30% of your grade. Each of the two discussion sections will receive distinct versions of the quiz. I will post the solutions to those quizzes here after they’ve been taken.

Quiz 1           Quiz 2           Quiz 3

Besides those quizzes, Professor Schultz told me that he would instruct me what he would like done each week in discussion. I will usually be pulling exercises from his online sources to discuss, and I’ll post those exercises here after discussion.

One       Two       Three       Four       Five       Six       Seven       Eight       Nine

And if there is anything specific you’d like me to talk about in discussion, just let me know.


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