Mathematics 165B-001---Introduction to Complex Variables II(under construction)

Tentative Syllabus

Time: MWF 3.10--4.00PM. Location: Sproul 2220. First Class: .

Text: Complex Variables and Applications, Fifth Edition, by R. V. Churchill and J. W. Brown

Midterm: 2001, 3.10-4.00PM; Final Exam: W June. 13, 2001, 7-10PM

Discussion Class: Th 11.10-12AM, Sproul 2228.

Sample Syllabus for Math 165A/dvi

Office Hours

My office hour is TTh 2.00-4.00PM; in Sproul 3126.

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Reader J. J. Tian, office: Sproul Hall 2227. Phone: 369-9484. E-mail:

A List of Homework and Sample Exams

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