Mike Pierce

I am currently a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Math Department at UC Riverside. I’m working with Professor Jacob Greenstein within the field of representation theory, in particular studying quiver representations and quantum groups from the perspective of the Hall algebras associated to them. Please see my research page for details. Also at UC Riverside I’ve co-organized the MathConnections Conference, an annual mathematics conference for graduate students in southern California, and I am currently the secretary of the Math Department Grad Student Association.

Prior to coming to Riverside, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in General Mathematics and Mathematics Education at CSU Chico. While in Chico I did research in spatial graph theory under the supervision of Professor Thomas Mattman.

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Math136 – Number Theory

Background for my Oral Exam

Notes I typed up for my oral exam that cover the background for my research.

Math46 – Ordinary Differential Equations

Webpage for the course I taught on ODEs at UCR in the summer of 2018. I’m posting a course outline, the course materials I created, and my own reflections to help any instructors planning a similar ODEs course.

UCR Algebra Qual Prep Seminar

Webpage for the summer seminar to help prepare graduate students for their qualifying exam in algebra. I’ve posted mock exams, a large bank of exercises, notes, and other helpful resources.

Math5 – Precalculus: Symmetry and Transformations

Math10A – Vector Calculus