./ Sara Lapan


Dancing is my primary hobby outside of mathematics. Jeff Meyer and I are both avid swing and blues dancers, instructors, and promoters.

Teaching Dance

From 2007-2013, while we lived in Ann Arbor, Jeff and I became increasingly involved in improving the quality of swing and blues dance instruction in the area. In the absence of regular progressive series in Ann Arbor, we established and taught the Swing Ann Arbor monthly series in September 2010. Under our supervision, the program grew to provide three monthly series, a monthly workshop, and rotate through a dozen instructors. From 2013-2016, while living in Chicago, we taught regional workshops, quarterly series, and drop-in lessons in Chicago, Ann Arbor, Norman (Oklahoma), St. Louis, and Indianapolis. Now that we have moved to Riverside, California in 2016, we are excited to continue to be involved in teaching and developing the dance community.

During our time in Ann Arbor, we developed curriculum for: introductory to advanced dance classes in lindy hop, charleston, ballroomin' blues, jookin' blues, and drag blues as well as teaching dance. We employ modern theories of solo movement, partner dancing and connection, including that of frame matching and pTed developed by Joe DeMers.