Quantum Gravity Seminar - Winter 2001

John Baez

This session of the Quantum Gravity Seminar continued exploring the themes introduced in the Fall 2000 session: quantum field theory and diagrammatic methods in algebra.

I started out writing up notes in the same style as in the fall: a kind of story featuring a Wizard and his Acolytes. Unfortunately I ran out of energy right when the story part of the story was getting really interesting.

As far as physics goes, the course has two "tracks":

Here are the notes:

Miguel Carrión Álvarez wrote up notes in the form of a more traditional math/physics textbook. The current draft is available here:

You may also want to refer to this supplement, on category theory:

We hope to eventually combine all these notes in a single book, but we all begin more projects more than we finish.

If you want to continue learning about these subjects, try the Spring 2001 session, where we talked about quantum groups and the Turaev-Viro model.

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